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We are proud to be the 1st stattoo studio in Luxembourg to have the most advanced machine for Laser tattoo removals. Presenting, the Pico laser Permanent Tattoo removal in Luxembourg. We are here to share some information with you about the most recent Pico laser technology that we use to remove permanent tattoos.

About Pico Laser Permanent Tattoo Removal Technology

1. The newest advancement in laser technology, the pico laser, emits powerful concentrated pulses of light in the billionth of a second as opposed to the Q switch’s older technology, which emits the same pulses in the millionth of a second. Depending on the machine, this makes the picolaser 10-100x faster.

2. Because the heat produced is concentrated and only lasts for a very brief period of time, the Pico laser causes almost no damage to the skin around the treatment area compared to traditional Q switch lasers.

3. The technology of Pico Laser breaks the ink pigments into much smaller fragments compare to Q switch, this allows the body to get rid of stubborn pigmentation at a faster rate and is recommended and used by Top dermatologists and professionals all over the world.

How to Remove Tattoos with Pico Laser: Everything You Need to Know

1. How painful is it, which is probably the first thought that comes to mind. Most of our clients say it hurts like having a rubber band slammed hard against their skin. Additionally, some people equate it to getting a tattoo. The more important fact to be aware of is how quick laser sessions are. For instance, a 2X2 inch tattoo takes an hour to create, but only a single Pico laser tattoo removal session lasts 45 to 60 seconds. By applying numbing cream to the area, the pain can also be completely eliminated, but we advise going through the ritual and taking pleasure in the experience.

2. You should also be aware that tattoo removal is simpler than you might imagine. It just takes some time.

3. The pigment is broken down into microscopic particles by the laser’s concentrated light beam for a brief moment (a billionth of a second in the case of the Pico laser), and these particles are then eliminated by your body through your lymphatic system.

4. To reduce the risk of scarring, it is preferable to move slowly. Do not rush, as few people do, and pay attention to what the expert has to say. If you have more sessions at the best energy rate, you can avoid the tiny freckle-like scars that can result from removal at a high millijoule rate (unit of electrical/thermal energy).

5. Tattoos that are black are easier to remove because the light can easily target them, whereas tattoos that are red, orange, or yellow are more challenging to remove and require more sessions.

6. You won’t have to compromise on the design of cover-ups thanks to laser removal. It might not be possible to get a new tattoo done if you already have a dark tattoo and want to get a lighter one to cover it up. However, if you use laser therapy to make your old tattoo between 50 and 60 percent lighter, you can get any new design you want added on top of it. Otherwise, concealments turn out to be too dark.

7. Many people perform Permanent Tattoo Removal in the world without any prior training, and we have observed numerous instances of botched procedures and skin damage. Make sure you visit the laser removal specialist and ask them to show you some healed results in person, if possible, as we have seen a lot of photoshopped pictures or pictures from other international websites being claimed as their own work. Ask to speak with someone who has already undergone the procedure.

Here are few examples of a permanent tattoo removal using the Pico laser from Devil'z Tattooz:

Pre and Post cautions: Pico Laser Permanent Tattoo Removal

1. It is preferable to abstain from alcohol. the evening before your laser treatment or even your tattoo appointment because alcohol thins the blood, which causes you to bleed more. Also, if at all possible, stay away from blood thinners.

2. The majority of people report no immediate pain or discomfort following a session. However, you can use an ice pack before and after the tattoo removal session if you choose to.

3. The process of “frosting,” the white spots on the skin, occurs as soon as the laser beam strikes your skin. It is caused by the rapid rate at which carbon dioxide leaves the skin. It is completely normal and goes away in 30-60 minutes after the session. You can see the example of it in our video.

4. Following the session, you should wash the affected area with antibacterial soap and cold water and use the prescribed appointment for the following three to five days. Every day you can take a shower, and water can splash on the area.

5. Avoid putting any lotion on the treated area that is artificially colored or scented.

6. If there is a scab, do not remove it.

7. The result of a single session will look significantly better after 60 days compared to the same session observed after 30 days. This is the most crucial thing you need to understand about Pico laser tattoo removal. All you need to know is that the Picolaser has already broken down the pigment into tiny particles, and now it is up to your body to remove the particles from that area and destroy them. The longer you wait between treatments, the better the results will be.

8. Call us or write to us if you have any other questions. To gain a better understanding of the procedure, you can also watch this video. Visit this website by going to https://youtube.com/shorts/fPLBlWgy2Fk?feature=share.

How to Schedule a Permanent Tattoo Removal Session in Luxembourg/Europe

1. We need a picture of your tattoo in order to calculate the number of sessions and the cost of tattoo removal. You can send it to us via email at devilztattooz.lux@gmail.com or via WhatsApp at +352661845599 and all the information, including the number of sessions and the price for Pico Laser Permanent Tattoo Removal in Luxembourg, will be provided to you shortly.

2. You can also come in for a free in-person consultation with an appointment to our tattoo studio situated at 142, Blvd de la PΓ©trusse, 2330 Luxembourg city Center, Luxembourg.

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