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Guiness word record holder tattoo artist, Lokesh Verma is a seasoned tattoo artist with accolades and international experience in 17 countries who started tattooing in 2003. But for him, the journey has not been easy. He commenced his pursuit at the age of 19 as a completely self-taught tattoo artist. He worked hard to save money for the equipment, even taking a part-time job as a DJ amongst many other small jobs. He is an MBA by education

Lokesh is a self-taught artist who travels the globe to work at various tattoo parlours and attend tattoo conventions. Drawing has captivated him for as long as he can remember. He earned firs1st place in the Inter-Asia level painting competition held in Japan when he was 14. His extraordinary talent and hard work attracted attention and awards, and he treasured it in return.Β 

Lokesh set out to master the Art with a little assistance from eager and inquisitive friends as well as his own physical self (he sports an almost enigmatic ambigram on his left arm, which was also the first tattoo he ever had). With determination & practice all day and all night, brainstorming and perseverance, he started to gain popularity in a rather small tattoo scene more than 2 decades ago. His earlier work would result in a fusion of tattoo designs, including classic, new school, and portrait forms. In his own opinion, Lokesh prefers realistic tattooing and specialises in colour and black and grey realism and fine line work.

You can contact us on email devilztattooz.lux@gmail.comΒ or whatsapp +352661845599 to book an appointment with him.

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